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In This Post I Am Going To Tell You How To Customize Termux, We Will Install Termux Style To Customize Termux. We Will Also Know How To Customize Termux Fonts, Colours Using Termux Style. We Will Go Through A Step By Step Process Of Customization. So Let’s Start.

What Is Termux Style?

Termux Style Is Tool That Is Used To Customize Termux Shell. This Tools Can Add Colours And Different Fonts To The Shell. This Tool Also Changes The Background Of The Shell. As A Result Of This Tool, The Shell Becomes Cool. This Tool Has Been Created By adi1090x And Is Not Mantained.

Key Features Of Termux Style:

  • Termux Style Allows You To Change The Color Scheme Of Your Terminal, Making It Easy On The Eyes And Visually Distinctive.
  • Experiment With Different Background And Text Colors To Find A Combination That Suits Your Style.
  • Choose From A Variety Of Fonts Available In Termux Style To Enhance The Appearance Of Your Terminal.
  • Play With Text Styles, Such As Bold Or Italic, To Add Emphasis Or Uniqueness To Your Commands.
  • Powerline Fonts Add Stylish Symbols And Icons To Your Terminal, Improving The Overall Visual Appeal.
  • Install And Configure Powerline Fonts To Take Your Termux Styling To The Next Level.

How To Install Termux Style To Customize Termux?

To Customize Termux We Will First Install Termux Style In Termux App. Follow The Below Steps To Customize Termux.

  • Step 1: Open The Termux And Type The Below Commands One By One;
  • Update And Upgrade Termux: Open Termux And Run The Following Commands To Make Sure Your Package List Is Up To Date And All Installed Packages Are Upgraded.
pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Installing Git In Termux: Termux Style Is Hosted On Github, And You’ll Need Git To Download It. Install Git By Running.
pkg install git -y
  • Clone Termux Style Repository: Use Git To Clone The Termux Style Repository To Your Termux Environment. This Command Will Download The Termux Style Files To Your Device.
git clone
  • Navigate To The Termux Style Directory: Go To The Termux Style Directory By Running:
cd termux-style
  • Installing Termux Style: After The Above Commands Type The Below Command To Install Termux Style.

The Termux Style Will Start Installing And If The Installation Succeed With Any Error You Will See The Below Shell After The Installation.

$ termux-style

    [*] By- Aditya Shakya // adi1090x

    [C] Colors (89)
    [F] Fonts (20)
    [R] Random
    [I] Import
    [A] About
    [Q] Quit
    [Select Option]: 

After Installing The Termux Style, You Can Just Type termux-style To Open Termux Style

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How To Customize Termux?

After The Installation We Will Now See How To Customize Termux:

  • Type C To Change Color Scheme And F To Change Font.
  • After Selecting The Font Or Color For By The Above Command A List Of Fonts, Color Schemes Will Appear.
  • Type The Number Before The Font Or Color Scheme To Apply .
  • If You Want To Select A Random Color And Font For Termux Shell You Can Simply Type R.

To Import Termux Themes From Web:

  • To Import Local File, Enter The Full Path (E.g. – /data/data/com.termux/files/home/ Of The Color-scheme.
  • To Import Web File, Enter The File Url (E.g. – Of The Color-scheme.


Termux Style Is An Awesome Tool To Customize Termux, With Light Storage Use. It Has 90 Different Color Schemes,20 Powerfull Fonts For Customization. If You Find Any Error You Can Comment Of Contact Us Through Contact Us Page. Thanks For Reading.

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