How To Get AdSense Approval On Your Website.

In This Post I Am Going To Show You How To Get AdSense Approval On Your Website With A Very Proper And An Easy Way. We Will Discuss About The Issues That Leave To The Rejection Of Your AdSense Application. We Will Know All The Things That Google Consider For Your AdSense Approval. So Let’s Start;

What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense Is A Tool Made By Google That Helps Website Owners Make Money By Showing Ads On Their Site. It’s A Popular Way For People Who Create Content Online To Earn Some Cash.

How Google AdSense Works?

When You Visit A Website And See Ads, The Owner Of That Website Might Be Using AdSense. Website Owners Sign Up For AdSense, Then Put A Bit Of Code On Their Site. Google Uses This Code To Show Ads That Match What The Website Is About. When People Click On These Ads Or Just See Them, The Website Owner Gets Some Money.

Steps To Create AdSense Account

How To Get AdSense Approval?

Google AdSense Checks Various Things Of A Site To Get Approval. These Things Include:

To Get Approval For Google AdSense, Follow These Steps:

  1. Create Quality Content: Ensure Your Website Or Blog Has High-quality, Original Content That Adds Value To Users. Content Should Be Only Written By A Person. Using AI Generated Content On Your Website Can Lead To The Rejection.
  2. Comply With AdSense Policies: Review And Adhere To Google AdSense Program Policies And Guidelines. One Must Check All The Things That AdSense Demands.
  3. Website Design And Navigation: Google Always Want A Website That Is More User Friendly. So One Must Use A Proper Navigation And Website Design.
  4. Important Pages On Website: Include Essential Pages Like A Privacy Policy And An About Us Page On Your Website. These Pages Help Establish Credibility And Trust With Users And AdSense Reviewers.
  5. Remove Copyrighted Content: Avoid Using Copyrighted Images, Text, Or Multimedia On Your Website Without Proper Authorization. AdSense Has Strict Policies Against Copyright Infringement.

After All These Things Checking On Your Website One Person Can Apply For AdSense. There Is A Very Good Chance That He Can Get AdSense Approval.

Things That Lead To AdSense Rejection:

Getting Rejected By Google Adsense Can Happen For Various Reasons:

  1. Not Enough Good Content: If Your Website Lacks Quality Content Or Has Too Little, Google Might Say No.
  2. Breaking Rules: Things Like Having Inappropriate Content, Using Copyrighted Material Without Permission, Or Breaking Any AdSense Rules Can Lead To Rejection.
  3. Bad Website Design: If Your Website Is Hard To Use, Looks Messy, Or Has Too Many Ads, Google Might Reject It.
  4. No Visitors: While There’s No Set Number, Having No Or Very Few People Visiting Your Site Might Make Google Doubt Its Quality.
  5. Click Fraud Suspicions: If Google Thinks There’s Something Fishy About How People Are Clicking On Ads On Your Site, They Might Reject You.
  6. Not Following Guidelines: Not Sticking To The Rules Set By AdSense, Like Their Policies Or Guidelines For Website Owners, Can Lead To Rejection.
  7. Certain Types Of Websites: Some Types Of Websites, Like Those Promoting Illegal Stuff Or Violence, Won’t Get AdSense Approval.
  8. Mistakes In Your Application: If You Don’t Give All The Right Info When Applying, Google Might Reject You.
  9. Past Account Troubles: If You’ve Been Banned From AdSense Before For Doing Something Wrong, It’s Tough To Get Approval Again.

To Avoid Rejection, Make Sure Your Website Has Great Content, Follows The Rules, Looks Good, And Gets Some Visitors.

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Google AdSense Is A Good Way To Earn Money Through Your Websites. You Can Instantly Change Your Traffic Into Money. Getting Approval On An AdSense Is Pretty Tough But One Can Do It Through Much Legal Ways. One Must Be Dedicated In His Work To Do That Thing.

How Do I Qualify For Google AdSense For My Website?

One Must Follow All The Google AdSense Policies To Get Approved. These Include Quality Content, No Copyrighted Data, Website Design And Important Pages.

Why Is Google AdSense Not Approving My Website?

Google AdSense Does Not Reject A Website Until It Violates The Policy Terms Of The Google AdSense Program.

Is There Any Traffic Requirement For AdSense?

As Long As Your Website Contain Quality Content And Other Things, There Is No Traffic Requirement For AdSense Approval.

How Many Posts Are Required For AdSense Approval?

A Minimum Number Of 15 Posts Are Required For AdSense Approval.

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