How To Install Aircrack NG In Termux | Latest Method

Hello There Friends. Today I Am Going To Tell You All The Information About Aircrack NG And All Its Uses. We Will Also Learn How To Install Aircrack NG In Termux. For Those Who Do Not Know About Termux, Let Me Explain For Them.

Termux: Termux Is An Android App That Provides A Linux Environment And Terminal Emulator For Such Devices. Most Command-line Software Can Be Used Quite Easily With Termux, And Gui Software Can Be Run By Installing A Few Extra Apps.

What Is Aircrack NG ?

Aircrack NG Is A Widely Used Software For Wi-Fi Network Security. There Are Lots Of Tools Present In This Software. This Application Is Known As A Suite Of Tools That Help In Wi-Fi Network Security Purposes. Mainly, This Software Applies To Linux Distribution. This Means Different Linux Distributions Can Able To Run The Aircrack NG.

But Other Than The Linux Distributions, There Are Also Certain Operating Systems Present That Can Also Handle The Aircrack-NG. Like, The Windows Operating System Is Such One. Aircrack-NG Is Used For The Monitoring Purpose Of Wi-Fi. It Also Helps To Export The Data To The Text File For Monitoring Purposes. Aircrack-NG Is Also Used For Testing Purposes. It Is Used To Know Whether The Wi-Fi Cards Are Running Properly Or Not.

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What Are The Uses Of Aircrack NG?

  • The Aircrack-NG Tool Is Available In Every Operating System Like Windows, Linux, Etc. But Mainly It Is Used In Linux Distributions.
  • The Aircrack-NG Tool Can Show Up Different Wi-Fi Availability In The Monitor Mode.
  • The Aircrack-NG Tool Uses Encrypted Packets While Monitoring The Wi-Fi Networks. So, It Is Safe To Use.
  • The Aircrack-NG Tool Can Communicate With The Access Point During Operations.
  • The Aircrack-NG Opposes The Access Point. That Is The Reason, It Takes A Small Amount Of Time Than Other Applications.

How To Install Aircrack NG In Termux?

  • Step 1: First Of All Open The Termux App And Type The Following Commands One By One.

Note: All Letters Are Case Sensitive

apt install root-repo
pkg install update
pkg install upgrade
apt install aircrack-ng -y
apt install iw

Congratulations We Have Completed Installation Of The Aircrack NG. Now, The Installation Process Is Completed. If The Users Execute The Following Command, This Will Provide Some Network Speed. This Means This Is The Indication That The Aircrack NG Is Installed Successfully. And This Can Able To Read The Network Speed There.

  • Step 2: Type The Below Command To Start The Aircrack NG:
aircrack-ng -S

Key Features Of Aircrack-NG:

  • Packet Capture: Aircrack NG allows users to capture packets from wireless networks. By collecting these packets, security professionals can analyze network traffic, identify vulnerabilities, and assess the security of the network.
  • Packet Injection: This tool provides the capability to inject custom packets into a network. This feature can be used for various purposes, including stress testing a network’s defenses and assessing how it responds to unusual traffic.
  • WEP and WPA/WPA2 Cracking: Aircrack NG can be used to attempt the cracking of WEP and WPA/WPA2-PSK keys. This is a crucial function for security experts to determine if their own networks are at risk.
  • Dictionary Attacks: The suite includes utilities for dictionary attacks, where a list of potential passwords is systematically tested against a network’s security settings.
  • Replay Attacks: Aircrack-NG can simulate replay attacks, enabling security professionals to understand how a network handles unauthorized traffic.


When Used Responsibly, Aircrack-NG Is An Excellent Tool For Evaluating The Security Of Wireless Networks. You Can Easily Set Up Aircrack-NG On Your Android Device In The Termux Environment By Following The Instructions Provided In This Guide. Do Not Forget To Respect Others’ Security And Privacy By Using This Tool In An Ethical And Responsible Manner. You Can Help Create A Safer Online Environment By Keeping Yourself Informed About The Most Recent Network Security Developments.

The Provided Code Snippets Are Provided Solely For Educational Purposes; Any Unauthorized Or Malicious Use Is Strictly Forbidden. Before Analyzing Or Testing The Security Of Any Wireless Networks, Always Make Sure You Have The Necessary Authorization And Permission.

Note: This Post Is Only For Educational Purposes. I And This Site Do Not Support Any Criminal Activity. If You Are Doing Any Sort Of Misuse Of This Information This Site Is Not Responsible For That. This Site Only Support Ethical Hacking.

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