How To Install And Use LockPhish Tool In Termux.

In This Post I Am Going To Tell You How To Install And Use LockPhish Tool In Termux. We Will Install LockPhish Tool And See How To Use This Tool. So In This Trick We Will See How The Hackers Create And Send A Phishing Link To Grab Your Windows Password. We Will Do This Attack From The Termux You Can Also Do This From Termux Or Other Linux Distro. For Those Friends Who Do Not Know What Is Phishing Let Me Explain For Them.

What Is Phishing?

Phishing: Phishing Is A Type Of Social Engineering Where An Attacker Sends A Fraudulent (e.g., Spoofed, Fake, Or Otherwise Deceptive) Message Designed To Trick A Person Into Revealing Sensitive Information To The Attacker.

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How To Install LockPhish Tool In Termux

We Will Be Using The Lockphish Tool As A Part Of Social Engineering. We Will Install The LockPhish Tool Through The Following Steps.


  • An Android Phone With Android Version Above 5.
  • A Stable Internet Connection.
  • Minimum 4 GB Internal Storage.

Step 1: First Of All Open The Terminal Or Termux App Then Following Commands One By One:

  • We Will Give Termux Permission To The Main Storage By The Below Command:
  • Now We Will Update And Upgrade The Termux By The Below Command.
apt update && apt upgrade
  •  Now We Will Install The Required Packages For LockPhish By The Below Command:
pkg install git -y
  • Now We Will Install Some More Required Packages For LockPhish By The Below Command:
pkg install python -y
  • We Have Fulfilled All The Necessary Requirements For LockPhish. Now Type The Below Commands To Install LockPhish:
git clone

How To Use LockPhish Tool?

After Completely Installing The LockPhish Tool We Will Now See How To Use It. Follow The Below Steps One By One To See How To Use LockPhish Tool In Termux.

Step 1: First Of All Type The Below Command To Go The Directory Of LockPhish:

cd lockphish

Step 2: Now Type The Below Command To Open LockPhish Tool:


Step 3: Now Some Important Packages Will Be Installed Like NGROK And After Some Time The Link Will Appear On The Screen.

Step 4: Copy That Link And Send It To The Victim And Wait.

Boom That Is Done. When The Victim Will Open The Link A Lock Screen Will Appear To Him After He Will Add The Password It Will Be Sent To The Terminal.

How To Protect Yourself From Phishing?

Just Remember No System Is Safe But You Should Always Avoid Clicking Anonymous Links And Adding The Credentials In The Links. Hope You Have Enjoyed It. If You Have Any Problem In Doing This You Can Tell Me In The Comments I Will Fully Try To Resolve It.

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