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In This Post I Am Going To Tell You How To Install AnonPhisher In Termux. I Will Tell You The Step By Step Process Of Installation Of AnonPhisher In Termux. We Will Also Know The Uses Of AnonPhisher And Its Features. So Let’s Start:

What Is AnonPhisher?

AnonPhisher Is An Automated Phishing Tool Made By Anonyminhack5 To Phish Various Sites With 51+ Templates And Also Has An Inbuilt Reverse Proxy Already To Easily Help You Generate Your Link And Send It To Your Victim. Anonphisher Tool Is Made With Pure Bash Script And Needs Required Packages For It To Work.

Key Features Of AnonPhisher Tool?

AnonPhisher Tool Is Awesome Tool For Phishing With A Advanced Page Creating System. It Provides Many Phishing Templates That Include:

  • Phishing Tool For Facebook.
  • Phishing Tool For Instagram
  • Phishing Tool For Airbnb.
  • Phishing Tool For Twitte.
  • Phishing Tool For Snapchat.
  • Phishing Tool For Github.
  • Phishing Tool For Yahoo And Much More Like Protonmail, Google, Spotify, Netflix, Linkedin, WordPress, Origin, Steam, Microsoft, InstaFollowers etc.

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How To Install AnonPhisher In Termux?

Follow The Given Steps One By One To Install AnonPhisher In Termux. Make Sure You Do The Process Same As I Do. So Let’s Begin:


  • A Stable Internet Connection.
  • Termux App Installed
  • Android Version Above 5.
  • Free Storage Of Min 100 MB

Step 1: First Of All Open The Termux App And Type The Below Commands One By One:

  • Update And Upgrade Termux: Open Termux And Run The Following Commands To Make Sure Your Package List Is Up To Date And All Installed Packages Are Upgraded.
pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Give Termux Storage Permission: Use The Below Command To Give Termux Storage Permission.
  • Installing Git In Termux: AnonPhisher Is Hosted On Github, And You’ll Need Git To Download It. Install Git By Running.
pkg install git -y
  • Installing CURL And PHP For AnonPhisher:
apt install git php curl wget -y 
  • Clone AnonPhisher Repository: Use Git To Clone The AnonPhisher Repository To Your Termux Environment. This Command Will Download The AnonPhisher Files To Your Device.
git clone
  • Navigate To The AnonPhisher Directory: Go To The AnonPhisher Directory By Running:
cd anonphisher

Installing AnonPhisher In Termux:

  • Type The Below Command To Install AnonPhisher In Termux.

We Have Successfully Installed The AnonPhisher Tool In Termux. Whenever You Want To Open The AnonPhisher You Need To Type cd anonphisher Followed By The bash To Open AnonPhisher Tool In Termux.

How To Use AnonPhisher In Termux?

After Installing The AnonPhisher In Termux, We Will Now See How To Use AnonPhisher In Termux. Follow The Given Steps To Use AnonPhisher In Termux:

  • After Opening AnonPhisher A Page Will Appear With A List Of Platforms Like Facebook, Instagram.
  • Select The Platform For Which You Want To Create A Phishing Page By Typing The Number Of That Platform (Like For Facebook Type 2 And Press Enter).
  • After That It Will Ask The Server Type The Number Of That Server You Want To Choose.
  • Wait For A While Untill The Link Appears. Copy That And Send It To The Victim.
  • As Long As Victim Opens It He Or She Will See A Page Like The Real Platform And Soon He Enters The Details In It , They Will Be Sent To Your Terminal.

I Hope You Have Done It Without Any Errors , If You Encounter An Error You Can Contact Us Or You Can Just Simply Comment. We Will Try Our Best To Resolve It.


AnonPhisher Tool Is An Awesome Tool To Create Phishing Pages . It Has Many Phishing Templates With A Modern Template Styles. This Tool Must Be Used Only For The Educational Purpose. Using This Tool For Illegal Purposes Is Wrong And One Is Responsible Himself For That. Thanks For Reading.

Frequently Asked Questions About AnonPhisher:

Is Anonphisher Illegal To Use?

Using AnonPhisher To Harm Others Is Illegal. This Tool Is Only Made For Educational Purposes Only.

What Kind Of Tool Is AnonPhisher?

AnonPhisher Is An Advanced Phishing Tool Used To Create Phishing Pages.

Who Created AnonPhisher?

AnonPhisher Tool Has Been Created By TermuxHackz.

Can I Install AnonPhisher On Kali?

Yes You Can Install And Use AnonPhisher On Kali As Well.

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