How To Install Beast Bomber Tool In Termux | Call & SMS Bombing

In This Post I Am Going To Show You How To Install Beast Bomber In Termux. We Will Install Beast Bomber In Termux Through A Very Basic Process. We Will See The Features And The Uses Of The Beast Tool. Also We Will See The Demerits And The Restrictions Of This Tool. So Let’s Start,

What Is A Beast Bomber?

Beast Bomber Is An Awesome Tool That Is Used To Send Spam Messages, Calls, Emails And Other Things To A User For Stress Testing Of A Network. This Tool Can Be Also Used For DDos Attacks. This Tool Is Made For Educational Purpose Only So One Should Use This Tool Legally And Only For Educational Purpose. Using This Tool Illegally Can Lead You In Trouble.

What Is The Use Of Beast Bomber?

The Beast Bomber Tool Can Send Multiple Spam Messages Or Calls Or Mails To A Number. This Tool Is Used To Test The Network. It Is Actually A DDos Tool. This Tool Is Made By The crut0i And Is Available On Github. This Tool Can Be Used Only Linux Platforms And Also This Tool Can Also Be Installed On Termux. Use This Tool Legally.

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How To Install Beast Bomber In Termux

Follow The Below Steps One By One To Install Beast Bomber In Termux. Go Through The Sequence And Follow Every Step:

First Of All Open The Termux And Type The Below Commands One By One:

  • Giving Termux Storage Permission: First Of All We Will Give Termux Permission To The Main Storage By The Below Command
  • Update And Upgrade Termux: Open Termux And Run The Following Commands To Make Sure Your Package List Is Up To Date And All Installed Packages Are Upgraded.
pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Installing Git In Termux: Beast Bomber Is Hosted On Github, And You’ll Need Git To Download It. Install Git By Running.
pkg install git -y
  • Installing Python In Termux: The Beast Bomber Needs Python To Run In Termux.
pkg install python -y
pkg install python2
  • Clone Beast Bomber Repository: Use Git To Clone The Beast Bomber Repository To Your Termux Environment. This Command Will Download The Beast Bomber Files To Your Device.
git clone
Install Beast Bomber In Termux
  • Navigate To The Beast Bomber Directory: Go To The Beast Bomber Directory By Running:
cd Beast_Bomber
Install Beast Bomber In Termux
  • Installed Required Files For Termux:
pip install -r requirements.txt
Install Beast Bomber In Termux
  • Run Beast Bomber: Now Install And Run The Beast Bomber Through The Below Command.
Install Beast Bomber In Termux

We Have Successfully Installed Beast Bomber In Termux. If Everything Worked Good The Below Screen Will Appear On The Termux Page. If You Encountered Any Error You Can Tell Us In Comments Or You Can Simply Contact Us Through The Contact Us Page.

How To Use Beast Bomber In Termux?

  • After Opening The Beast Bomber With The python Command It Will Show A List Of Options.
  • Now Select One Option As Per Your Need, I Will Use SMS Bombing So I Will Type 1 And Press Enter.
  • Now Enter The Number You Want To Send.
  • Now Type The Threads For The Message Bombing.


Beast Bomber Is A Message And Call Bombing Tool That Is Mostly Used Only Russian And Kazakh Numbers. This Tool is Used To Send Enormous Number Of Messages Or SMS To Any Other Person. This Tool Is Made For Educational Purpose Only. It Should Not Be Used In To Harm Others. If Anyone Does That I Am Not Responsible For Any Damage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Beast Bomber Illegal To Use?

Yes, Using This Tool To Harm Others Is Illegal.

Can Beast Bomber Be Installed On Kali Linux?

Yes, You Can Use This Tool In Kali Linux Also.

Can Beast Bomber Be Used On Any Phone Number?

It Is Available For Russian And Kazakh Numbers Only.

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