How To Install BeEF Tool In Termux | Latest Method

Hello There Friends, In This Post I Am Going To Tell You How To Install BeEF Tool In Termux. We Will Go With The Easy And The Latest Method. So Lets Start, First Of All We Will Know What Is BeEF.

What Is BeEF?

BeEF, Which Stands For The “Browser Exploitation Framework,” Is An Open-source Penetration Testing Tool Designed For Security Professionals And Ethical Hackers To Assess The Security Of Web Browsers. It Is Not Intended For Malicious Use But Rather For Legitimate Security Testing And Research Purposes.

Key Features Of BeEF Tool.

Here Are Some Key Aspects Of Beef:

  • Browser Exploitation: BeEF Is Primarily Used To Assess The Security Of Web Browsers By Exploiting Vulnerabilities And Weaknesses. It Allows Security Professionals To Demonstrate Potential Risks Associated With Client-side Web Technologies.
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): BeEF Often Leverages Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerabilities To Interact With And Control A User’s Web Browser. It Can Inject Malicious Scripts Into Web Pages, Enabling Actions Like Session Hijacking, Keylogging, And More.
  • Web-Based Control Panel: BeEF Provides A Web-based Control Panel That Allows Users To Manage And Interact With Hooked Browsers. Through This Control Panel, You Can Send Commands To The Compromised Browsers And Gather Information About Them.
  • Modular Framework: BeEF Is Designed To Be Highly Extensible And Allows For The Development Of Custom Modules. This Modularity Makes It A Flexible Tool For Various Web Application Testing Scenarios.
  • Legal And Ethical Considerations: It’s Crucial To Emphasize That Beef Should Only Be Used In Controlled And Authorized Environments, Such As Penetration Testing Engagements, Where Explicit Permission Is Granted. Unauthorized Use Of BeEF For Malicious Purposes Is Illegal And Unethical.
  • Education And Research: BeEF Can Be Used As A Learning Tool For Understanding Web Security Vulnerabilities And How To Protect Against Them. It’s Also Used In Academic And Security Research To Explore And Mitigate Browser-related Summary, BeEF Is A Security Tool That Focuses On Web Browser Vulnerabilities And Their Exploitation. While It Has Legitimate Uses In The Field Of Cybersecurity, It’s Important To Use It Responsibly, Ethically, And Within The Boundaries Of The Law. Always Ensure That You Have Proper Authorization Before Using Such Tools.

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Requirements To Install BeEF Tool In Termux.

  • A Stable Internet Connection.
  • Above Android 5.
  • Free Internal Storage Of 2 GB.

How To Install BeEF Tool In Termux?

To Install The BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework) Tool In Termux, You Can Follow These Steps

  • Install Termux: If You Haven’t Already, Install The Termux App From The Google Play Store.
  • Open Termux: Launch The Termux App.
  • Update And Upgrade: It’s A Good Practice To Make Sure Your Package Repositories Are Up To Date. Run The Following Commands:
pkg update && pkg upgrade
  • Install Dependencies: BeEF Requires Several Dependencies, Including Ruby And Sqlite. You Can Install These Dependencies With The Following Command:
pkg install ruby sqlite
  • Install BeEF: – You Can Use The Following Command To Install BeEF: – Once The Installation Is Complete, You Can Run BeEF By Typing:
gem install beef-xss
  • Start Beef: – After Running The beef-xss Command, Beef Should Start And Provide You With A URL To Access The BeEF Web Interface. – Open A Web Browser And Enter The URL Provided By Beef. The Default URL Is Usually You Can Access This URL From The Termux App Itself If You’re Using It On Your Android Device.
  • Configure Beef: BeEF Has A Web-based Control Panel Where You Can Configure And Use Its Features. You Can Access This Panel Through The URL Provided Above


Please Note That Using BeEF For Any Malicious Activities Is Illegal And Unethical. Be Sure To Use This Tool Responsibly And Only In A Legal And Ethical Manner, Such As For Educational Or Penetration Testing Purposes On Systems And Networks For Which You Have Permission. BeEF Is A Powerful Tool, And You Should Be Aware Of The Legal And Ethical Implications Of Using It. Always Ensure You Have Proper Authorization Before Using It In Any Environment.

Note: This Post Is Only For Educational Purposes. I And This Site Do Not Support Any Criminal Activity. If You Are Doing Any Sort Of Misuse Of This Information This Site Is Not Responsible For That. This Site Only Support Ethical Hacking.

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