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In This Post I Am Going To Install Clifty Tool In Termux. We Will Install Clifty Tool Through A Step By Step Process. We Will Discuss About The Uses And Features Of Clifty Tool. So Let’s Start.

What Is Clifty Tool?

Clifty Tool Is An Advanced Phishing Tool That Contains More Than 50 Phishing Templates. It Is Connected With Cloudfare, NGROK And The Localhost. It Contains Phishing Pages With OTP Bypass Verification. The Cliftytool Is Created By Alygnt On Github And You Can Check Out Their Projects

What Is Phishing?

Phishing Is A Type Of Cyberattack That Involves Sending Fraudulent Communications That Appear To Come From A Legitimate And Reputable Source, Usually Through Email And Text Messaging. The Attacker’s Goal Is To Steal Money, Gain Access To Sensitive Data And Login Information, Or To Install Malware On The Victim’s Device.

How To Install Clifty Tool In Termux?

Now We Will See How To Install Clifty Tool In Termux. Follow The Below Steps One By One To Install Clifty Tool In Termux.

First Of All Open The Termux App And Type The Below Commands One By One:

  • Giving Termux Storage Permission: First Of All We Will Give Termux Permission To The Main Storage By The Below Command
  • Update And Upgrade Termux: Open Termux And Run The Following Commands To Make Sure Your Package List Is Up To Date And All Installed Packages Are Upgraded.
pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Installing Git In Termux: Clifty Is Hosted On Github, And You’ll Need Git To Download It. Install Git By Running.
pkg install git -y
  • Install Cloudfared In Termux: Cloudfared Should Be Installed For Clifty Tool. Install It By The Below Command.
pkg install cloudflared -y
  • Clone Clifty Repository: Use Git To Clone The Clifty Repository To Your Termux Environment. This Command Will Download The Clifty Files To Your Device.
git clone
  • Navigate To The Clifty Directory: Go To The Clifty Directory By Running:
cd Clifty
  • Run Clifty Tool: Now Install And Run The Clifty Tool Through The Below Command.

We Have Successfully Clifty Tool In Termux. After Installation The Tool Will Open Automatically If It Does Not Open Automatically Type bash Command To Open It. If You Encountered Any Error During The Process You Can Tell Us In Comments.

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How To Use Clifty Tool In Termux.

  • After Opening The Clifty Tool A Dashboard Will Appear Asking You To Select The Page You Want To Create For Phishing.
  • I Will Type 22 And Press Enter (As I Am Choosing Instagram Template).

Selecting Port Forwarding

  • After Typing 22 And Pressing Enter You Will See This Prompt. I Just Want You To Wait For A Second And See How Many Options You Have Here And This Is The Reason This Tool Is The Most Powerful Phishing Tool. So Now You Can Select Any Option You Want, It Depends Upon Your Social Engineering Tactics All The Options Are Really Incredible, For Simple Instagram Hacking, You Can Select The First Option(1) And Press Enter.
  • Now It Will Ask For The Hosting Or Port Forwarding Method. I Will Type 2 (For Localhost).
  • Now It Will Ask For A Custom Port , Type N And Press Enter.
  • Now It Will Ask For Redirect, If You Want Your A Custom Redirect Then You Can Select 1st Option And Enter The URL Where You Want The User To Go After They Complete The Login Step. I Am Happy With Instagram So I Will Just Press N And Enter And Let It Be The Default.
  • Now A URL Will Appear Named As Local Host (127………..). Copy That Link.
  • Now Open The New Session By Sliding Left Side Of The Termux And Type The Below Command With Replacing The Current URL With Copied URL.
cloudflared tunnel --url
  • The Above Command Will Start A Cloudflared Tunnel, And We Will Get A Link Ending With Just Copy That Link And Send It To The Victim (Please Don’t Use This For Illegal Phishing)
  • Now Wait Until The Victim Hits The Link. When He Will Open The Link A Fake Instagram Page Will Appear. When The Victim Will Enter His Details It Will Be Send To The Termux. But You Must Keep In Mind That The Post Is Only For Educational Purpose Only.


Clifty Is The Most Powerful Phishing Tool Of 2023, Giving You Advanced Phishing Tools And All The Features You Need To Become An Expert Attacker. You Have All The Options You Need To Conduct A Phishing Attack. Since It Is Also Lightweight, It Does Not Take Up Much Space On Your Phone And You Can Carry It With You. This Article Is For Educational Purposes, Please Don’t Try To Be Childish Because Everything Is Easy To Follow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clifty:

What Is Clifty Tool Used For?

Clifty Tool Is Used For Performing Phishing Attacks.

Is Clifty Tool Illegal?

This ToolIs Only Made For Educational Purpose Only, And If Used To Harm Anyone Is Totally Illegal.

Can I Use Clifty Tool In Kali Linux.

Yes This Tool Can Also Be Installed On Linux.

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