How To Install Ghost Framework In Termux | Latest Method

In This Post I Am Going To Tell You How To Install Ghost Framework In Termux With All The Bssic Information You Need. We Will Also Know The Basic And The Uses Of The Ghost Framework For An Ethical Hacker So Lets Start,

Before Installing The Ghost Framework One Should Know What Is Ghost Framework So That He Can Easily Get Into It

What Is Ghost Framework?

Ghost Framework Is Like A Toolbox For Cybersecurity Experts. It’s A Set Of Tools And Software Designed To Help Them Test The Security Of Computer Systems. This Is Important Because We Want To Find And Fix Any Weaknesses In Our Online Systems Before The Bad Guys (Hackers) Can Take Advantage Of Them. Ghost Framework Is Free And Open For Anyone To Use, Making It Accessible For Anyone Interested In Cybersecurity.

What Is Ghost Framework Used For?

  • Easy To Use: Ghost Framework Is Designed To Be User-friendly, Even For Those Who Aren’t Computer Programming Experts. It Has A Friendly Interface (Like The Apps On Your Phone) That Makes It Easier To Use. This Means That Even If You’re Not A Tech Genius, You Can Use Ghost Framework To Help Protect Computer Systems.
  • Many Functions: Ghost Framework Can Do Lots Of Things To Help Test And Secure Computer Systems. It Can Help Collect Information About A System, Try To Guess Passwords, And Even Take Control Of A System To See If It’s Vulnerable To Cyberattacks.
  • Works On Different Computers: It’s Like A Universal Remote Control For Your Tv, But For Computers. Ghost Framework Can Work On Different Types Of Computer Systems, Whether They Run On Windows, Linux, Or Android. So, If You’re A Security Expert, You Can Use It To Test All Sorts Of Computer Systems.
  • After The Hack: Sometimes, Even If A Hacker Gains Access To A Computer System, They Don’t Do Anything Right Away. Ghost Framework Has Tools To Help With This Too. It Can Help Security Experts Maintain Access To A Compromised System To Understand What The Hacker Might Do Next.
  • Customizable: Just Like How You Can Add Apps To Your Phone, Ghost Framework Can Be Customized. If You’re A Tech-savvy Person, You Can Add Your Own Tools Or Scripts To Make It Even More Useful For Your Specific Needs.

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How To Install Ghost Framework In Termux?

So After The Brief Explanation Of The Tool We Will Now Know How To Install Ghost Framework In Termux.


  • Active Internet Connection.
  • Termux App Installed.
  • More Than 1GB Free Storage.
  • Android Version Above 5

Step 1: Open The Termux App And Type The Below Commands One By One:

Note: All The Letters Are Case Sensitive

  • This Command Will Update And Upgrade Termux:
pkg update -y && pkg upgrade -y
  • These Commands Will Install Dependencies Of Python:
pkg install -y python rust
pkg install python3 -y
pkg install python-cryptography -y
  • These Commands Will Install Cryptography In Termux:
export CARGO_BUILD_TARGET=aarch64-linux-android
pip install cryptography --no-binary cryptography
  • This Command Will Install Git In Termux:
pkg install git -y
  • This Command Will Install Ghost Framework In Termux:
pip3 install git+

We Have Successfully Installed Ghost Framework In Termux. Now Type The Below Command To Run The Ghost Framework.


We Have Done It. You Can Type The help Command To Know More About The Ghost Framework.

Keep In Mind Using Ghost Framework:

  • Be Ethical: It’s Crucial To Use Ghost Framework For Good Purposes, Like Helping Protect Computer Systems From Bad Hackers. Don’t Use It On Systems That You Don’t Have Permission To Test.
  • Keep It Updated: Just Like Your Phone Gets Updates, Ghost Framework Does Too. So, Make Sure You Use The Latest Version To Stay Safe And Effective In Your Cybersecurity Work.
  • Learn How To Use It: Before Jumping In, Read The Instructions And Maybe Even Get Some Training. Knowing How To Use Ghost Framework Correctly Is Essential For Getting The Best Results.
  • Follow The Rules: It’s Vital To Follow The Laws And Rules In Your Area When Using Cybersecurity Tools Like Ghost Framework. Unauthorized Testing Can Get You Into Trouble With The Law.


Ghost Framework Is Like A Superhero’s Toolbelt For Cybersecurity Experts. It Helps Them Test And Secure Computer Systems, Making The Online World Safer For Everyone. Remember To Use It For Good, Learn How To Use It Properly, And Always Follow The Rules When Testing Computer Systems. In Our Ever-changing Digital World, Tools Like Ghost Framework Are Crucial For Keeping Us Safe Online.

Note: This Post Is Only For Educational Purposes. I And This Site Do Not Support Any Criminal Activity. If You Are Doing Any Sort Of Misuse Of This Information This Site Is Not Responsible For That. This Site Only Support Ethical Hacking.

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