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In This Post I Am Going To Show You How To Install Hacking Kit In Termux. We Will Install The Hacking Kit Through A Tool Called Termux Cyber Army. This Tool Contains A List Of Important Hacking Tools. We Will See The Uses, Features And How To Install This Tool In Termux. So Let’s Start.

What Is Termux Cyber Army?

Termux Cyber Army Is A Power Hacking Toolkit Contains The Most Used Hacking Tools. This Tool Is Made By The Err0r_ICA And Is Hosted On Github. This Tool Contains 20 Scripts For Hacking That Inculde Phishing, Bruteforce, Wifi Hacking, PUBG Hacking And Other Tools. The Tool Is Only Made For The Educational Purpose Only. So One Should Must Be Aware The Prohibitions Of The Tool.

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How To Install Hacking Kit In Termux?

We Will Install The Termux Cyber Army Tool To Install The Hacking Kit In Termux. Follow The Below Steps One By One To Install The Hacking Kit In Termux:

First Of All Open The Terminal And Type The Below Commands One By One:

  • The First Step We Will Do Is To Give The Termux Storage Permission So We Can Add New Files In The Termux:
  • After That We Will Check For The Updates Of The Termux, For The Proper Functioning Of The Tool. We Will Update Termux By The Below Command:
pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Our Tool Needs Python To Run In Termux So We Will Install Python By The Below Command:
pkg install python -y
pkg install python2 -y
  • Termux Cyber Army Is Hosted On Github We Will Install The Git Repo To Download Our Tools From Github:
pkg install git -y
  • Now We Will Clone The Files From Github Through The Following Command:
git clone
  • After The Above Command Navigate To The Termux Cyber Army Folder Through The Below Command:
cd TermuxCyberArmy
  • Now We Will Install The Tool Through The Below Command ( The Tool Will Automatically Open After The Installation Has Been Completed)
python2 TCA
How To Install Hacking Kit In Termux

Hopefully We Have Installed The Termux Cyber Army Tool That Contains A Hacking Toolkit In Termux. This Post Is Only For Educational Purpose. Everything Is Easy So Do Not Do Anything That Can Harm Others, Of You Do So Neither The Developer Nor Me Is Responsible For The Wrong Or Illegal Actions. If You Encountered Any Error While Installing This Tool You Can Tell Us In Comments. Thanks For Reading.


Termux Cyber Army Contains A Hacking Toolkit With An Awesome Interface And Easy To Use Appearance. This Tool Can Be Quite Dangerous, So Use This Tool Ethically And Do Not Harm Others. You Can Use The Tools In It By Typing The Option You Want To Run.

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