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In This Post I Am Going To Show You How To Install Lazybee In Termux. We Will Install Lazybee And Know Its Features And Uses. We Will Install Lazybee With A Simple And Understandable Way. So Let’s Start,

What Is Lazybee?

Lazybee Is A Powerful Tool For Making A Wordlist That Can Be Used To Perform Bruteforce Attacks Or Dictionary Attacks. This Tool Is Based On Python And Is Made By Noob Hackers. This Tool Is Hosted On Github.

What Are The Uses Of Lazybee Tool?

Lazybee Tool Is An Awesome Tool That Can Create A Wordlist Using Certain Information Of The Victim. This Tool Works On Both Rooted And Non Rooted Devices. It Can Also Be Used In Kali Linux. Lazybee Tool Can Make A Wordlist Of Desired Character. It Is Easy To Use For Beginners.

How To Install Lazybee In Termux?

After Some Definitions And Features Now We Will Install The Lazybee Tool In Termux. Follow The Given Steps One By One To Install Lazybee Tool In Termux.

First of All Open The Terminal And Type The Below Commands One By One:

  • Giving Termux Storage Permission: First Of All We Will Give Termux Permission To The Main Storage By The Below Command
  • Update And Upgrade Termux: Open Termux And Run The Following Commands To Make Sure Your Package List Is Up To Date And All Installed Packages Are Upgraded.
pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Installing Git In Termux: Clifty Is Hosted On Github, And You’ll Need Git To Download It. Install Git By Running.
pkg install git -y
  • Installing Python: Our Tool Needs Python To Run In Termux So We Will Install Python By The Below Command:
pkg install python -y
pkg install python2 -y
  • Installing Lolcat: Our Tool Also Need Lolcat For Wordlist Generation:
pip install lolcat
  • Cloning Files: Now We Will Clone The Files From Github Through The Following Command:
git clone
  • After The Above Command Navigate To The Lazybee Folder Through The Below Command:
cd lazybee
  • Now We Will Install The Tool Through The Below Command ( The Tool Will Automatically Open After The Installation Has Been Completed)

We Have Successfully Installed And Opened The Lazybee Tool In Termux. If You Encountered Any Error While Installing Lazybee You Can Tell Us In Comments. This Post Is Only For Educational Purpose. Everything Is Easy So Do Not Do Anything That Can Harm Others, Of You Do So Neither The Developer Nor Me Is Responsible For The Wrong Or Illegal Actions.

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How To Use Lazybee In Termux?

Follow The Below Steps To Create A Wordlist Using Lazybee In Termux:

  • After The Lazybee Tool Will Open, The Below Prompt Will Open:
[+]--ex:- Enter the number of characters: 8

Name your wordlist wit (.txt) extensions: pass.txt
  • Select The Number Of Characters You Want To Made A Password Of (Like If I Need A Password Of 4 Letters “Root” I Will Type 4 And Press Enter)
How To Install Lazybee In Termux
  • Now Enter The Name For Your Password List ( I Will Type Name “pass.txt” For My Password List)
How To Install Lazybee In Termux
  • The Password List Will Be Added To Your Lazybee Directory. You Can Access It By The Following Commands:
cd lazybee
cat pass.txt [Type The Name Of Your Password List Instead Of pass.txt


Lazybee Is A Python-based Script Designed For Creating Random Wordlists Utilized In Brute Force Attacks. What Sets This Tool Apart Are Its Distinctive Features, Such As The Ability To Calculate Wordlist Generation Time And Directly Save The Output As A .txt File In The Current Directory. Noteworthy Is Its Compatibility With Both Rooted And Non-rooted Android Devices, Making It Versatile In Its Application For Security Testing And Penetration Testing Purposes. This Tool Proves Useful For Individuals Seeking A Convenient And Efficient Means Of Generating Wordlists For Password Cracking Scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Lazybee Used For?

Lazybee Can Be Used For Generating Wordlist For Bruteforce Attacks.

Is Lazybee Also Available For Linux?

Yes, Lazybee Can Also Be Installed In Linux, But Linux Contains Already A Wordlist Generator.

Is Lazybee Legal To Use?

Lazybee Is Illegal If Used To Harm Others.

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