How To Install Lockphish In Termux | Password Phishing

In This Post I Am Going To Show You How To Install Lockphish In Termux. We Will Install Lockphish Through A Step By Step Process. We Will Know All About The Lockphish Its Uses And Its Installation. So Let’s Start.

What Is Lockphish?

Lockphish Is A Phishing Tool That Is Used To Create Phishing Pages To Grab Windows Credentials, Android Pattern, Password. Basically This Tool Creates A Phishing Page That Is Sent To The Victim And When The Victim Enter His Credentials, You Will Them On Your Screen.

How To Install Lockphish In Termux?


  • An Android Phone With Android Version Above 5.
  • A Stable Internet Connection.
  • Minimum 4 GB Internal Storage.

Step 1: First Of All Open The Terminal Or Termux App Then Following Commands One By One:

  • Giving Termux Storage Permission: First Of All We Will Give Termux Permission To The Main Storage By The Below Command
  • Update And Upgrade Termux: Now We Will Update And Upgrade The Termux By The Below Command.
apt update && apt upgrade
  • Installing Git In Termux: Now We Will Install The Required Packages For LockPhish By The Below Command
pkg install git -y
  • Installing Python In Termux: Now We Will Install Some More Required Packages For LockPhish By The Below Command:
pkg install python -y
  • Cloning Lockphish Repo: We Have Fulfilled All The Necessary Requirements For LockPhish. Now Type The Below Commands To Repo LockPhish:
git clone
  • Navigate To The LockPhish Directory: Now Type The Below Command To Go The Directory Of LockPhish
cd lockphish
  • Installing Lockphish: Now Type The Below Command To Install LockPhish Tool

We Have Successfully Installed The Lockphish Tool In Termux. Now A Screen Will Appear. Some Important Packages Will Install Like NGROK And After Some Time The Link Will Appear On The Screen.

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How To Use Lockphish Tool In Termux?

  • After Completing The Above Steps A Link Will Appear Send The Link To The Victim.
  • After The Victim Will Click On The Link A Phishing Page Will Shown To Him
  • After He Will Enter The Credentials It Will Be Sent To You.


Lockphish Tool Is An Awesomem Tool For Creating Phishing Pages. If You Have Any Problem In Doing This You Can Tell Me In The Comments I Will Fully Try To Resolve It.Thanks For Reading

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