How To Install Metasploit Tool In Termux | Latest Method

In This Post I Am Going To Tell You How To Install Metasploit Tool In Termux In Android Phone. This Post Is Mostly For Those Who Love To Use Metasploit But Can Not Use In Android Phone. So, With This Trick They Will Be Able To Install And Use The Metasploit In Termux. For Those Friends Who Do Not Know What Is Metasploit Let Me Explain For Them.

What Is Metasploit?

Metasploit Is The World’s Leading Open Source Penetration Framework Used By Security Engineers. As A Penetration Testing System And Development Platform For Building Security Tools And Exploits. This Framework Makes Hacking Easier For Both Attackers And Defenders.

What Is Metasploit Used For?

Metasploit’s Various Tools, Libraries, User Interfaces, And Modules Allow Users To Compose Exploit Modules, Attach Them To Payloads, Point Them At Targets, And Launch Them On Target Systems. Metasploit’s Large And Extensive Database Contains Hundreds Of Exploits And Multiple Payload Options. It Has Many Exploits That Work For Android Also.

Introduction To Metasploit:

Understanding Metasploit:

Metasploit is an advanced penetration testing framework that provides security professionals, researchers, and ethical hackers with a set of tools and resources to identify vulnerabilities, exploit them, and assess the security of systems and networks.

Features and Modules:

Metasploit is equipped with a vast array of modules, including exploits, payloads, auxiliary tools, and post-exploitation modules. Exploits are designed to leverage vulnerabilities in software, while payloads are codes delivered to the target system once the exploit is successful. The auxiliary modules help with tasks such as scanning, fingerprinting, and DoS (Denial of Service) testing.

Real-world Applications:

Security professionals use Metasploit for a variety of purposes, including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and security research. By simulating real-world cyber-attacks, ethical hackers can identify weaknesses in a system’s defense and advise on appropriate security measures.

Community and Collaboration:

The strength of Metasploit lies in its active and supportive community. Contributors from around the world continuously develop new modules, update existing ones, and share their findings. This collaboration ensures that the framework remains relevant and effective in addressing the latest cybersecurity challenges.

Legal and Ethical Use:

It is essential to emphasize that Metasploit should be used responsibly and only in legally authorized environments, such as penetration tests conducted with proper consent. Unethical or unauthorized use of the framework to compromise systems is strictly prohibited and could lead to serious legal consequences.

Metasploit Pro and Metasploit Community:

Rapid7, a cybersecurity company, acquired Metasploit in 2009 and introduced the Metasploit Pro version. Metasploit Pro offers additional features such as advanced reporting, integration with other security tools, and enhanced automation. However, the open-source Metasploit Community version remains available to the public, ensuring accessibility for security enthusiasts worldwide

How To Install Metasploit In Termux?

We Will Install The Metasploit Tool In Termux Using Some Commands, Make Sure To Type Or Copy Paste These Commands One By One And Have Patience.


  • An Android Phone With Android Version Above 5.
  • A Stable Internet Connection.
  • Minimum 4 GB Internal Storage.

First Of All Open The Terminal Or Termux App Then Following Commands One By One:

All Letters Are Case Sensitive

Step 1: First Of All We Will Give Termux Permission To The Main Storage By This Command


Step 2: We Will Update And Upgrade The Termux By The Following Command.

apt update && apt upgrade

Step 3: Now We Will Install The Required Packages For Metasploit By Command

pkg install wget curl openssh git -y

Step 4: Now We Have To Install Some More Required Packages For Metasploit By The Below Command

apt install ncurses-utils

Step 5: After Fulfilling All The Necessary Requirements. Now Type The Below Commands To Install Metasploit 6:

pkg install wget
chmod +x

Step 6: This Step May Take Some Time Because It Will Download Metasploit 6. It Also Depends On Your Internet Speed.


Step 7: Final Step: After Downloading The Metasploit It Will Take Time To Set Up And A Min 2 GB Storage Of Your Phone. Now We Have Completely Install Metasploit In Termux. Now Type The Below Command To Run Metasploit 6.



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The Metasploit Framework Has Undoubtedly Revolutionized The World Of Cybersecurity. By Providing A Powerful And Versatile Platform For Ethical Hacking And Security Research. Its Continuous Evolution And Dedicated Community Have Made It An Indispensable Tool For Professionals And Enthusiasts Alike. When Used Responsibly, Metasploit Can Significantly Strengthen The Security Posture Of Organizations, Ultimately Contributing To A Safer Digital Landscape.

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That Is All We Have Finally Installed Metasploit 6 In Our Terminal And Also Seen Its Some Uses, Hope You Have Enjoyed It
Hope You Have Enjoyed This Hacking Trick. If You Any Problem Regarding This Please Comment I Will Try To Resolve It Fully.

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