How To Install NGROK In Termux: Latest Method 2024

In This Post I Am Going To Tell You How To Install NGROK In Termux. We Will Install NGROK Through Step By Step And Will Also Discuss The Steps Of Installing The NGROK In Termux. So Let’s Start With Discussing What Is NGROK?

What is NGROK?

NGROK Is A Reverse Proxy That Creates A Secure “Tunnel” From A Public Endpoint For A Web Service Running Locally. In Other Words, You Can Use NGROK To Expose A Port On Your System, For Example, The Port On Which Your Application Or Website Is Running, To A Public URL. Basically, NGROK Creates A Tunnel, Where Its Function Is To Redirect External Connections To Your Local-host.

In Simple Language We Can Understand. Imagine You Have A Website Or An Application Running On Your Computer, But You Want Others To Be Able To Access It Over The Internet. That’s Where NGROK Comes In. NGROK Acts Like A Magic Tunnel. It Takes The Stuff On Your Computer (Like Your Website) That’s Not Normally Accessible From The Internet And Makes It Available Through A Special Web Address That Anyone Can Visit. Now We Will Talk About How To Install NGROK In Termux?

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How To Install NGROK In Termux?

One Must Follow The Below Steps One By One To Install NGROK In Termux. We Will Install NGROK Through The Most Easy And Latest Method.

Step 1: First Of All Open The The Termux App And Type The Below Commands One By One.

NOTE: Internet Connection And Hotspot Must Be Turned On For The Proper Working Of NGROK

All Letters Are Case Sensitive.

  • We Will Start By Giving The Storage Permission To The Termux App , To Install NGROK In Phone Storage.
  • After That We Will Type The Below Command To Update And Upgrade Termux App.
pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Now We Will Install WGet App In Termux For Downloading NGROK In Termux.
pkg install zip wget -y
  • This Command Will Download NGROK File In Termux.
  • One Can Also Download The File Through The NGROK Website, Shown In The Image Below.
How To Install NGROK In Termux

Wait For Downloading To Be Finished. It May Take Up To 2 To 5 Minutes To Download NGROK Depending Upon Your Internet Speed. After The Download Has Been Complete We Will Unzip The NGROK File.

  • This Command Will Unzip The NGROK File
  • This Command Will Give Executable NGROK
chmod +x ngrok

Step 2: Open The NGROK Website By Clicking The Link Below: NGROK

Step 3: Now Select The Signup Option To Start A New NGROK Account As Shown In The Image Below.

How To Install NGROK In Termux

After That Fill Your Details Or Continue With Google Like In The Image Below Provided.

How To Install NGROK In Termux

Step 4: To Validate Your NGROK Account, Open Your Email.
You May See NGROK Email There. Just Open The Email And Click The Account Confirmation Button.
Step 5: Now Sign In To NGROK Using Your Email Address And Password, Then Browse To The NGROK Page And Look For The Auth Token. Then Just Enter The Command Below In Termux.

NOTE: Replace “<YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN>” With Your Own Auth Token.

./ngrok authtoken YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN_HERE

Step 6: Your Authtoken Will Be Added To Your NGROK.yml File When You Run The Script Above. Your Open Tunnels Will Be Listed In The Dashboard After You Connect An Account, And You’ll Also Get Extended Tunnel Timeouts. So, Your Termux Has Successfully Installed NGROK. To Learn How To Utilize NGROK In Termux, Execute The Command Below.

./ngrok help
  • The Below Command Can Be Used To Start The NGROK Tunnel.
./ngrok http 80

Make Sure You Turn On Your Hotspot For The Proper Functioning Of NGROK

We Have Seen Completely, How To Install NGROK In Termux Hope You Have Enjoyed This Hacking Trick. If You Any Problem Regarding This Please Comment I Will Try To Resolve It Fully.

How NGROK Works?

Let’s Say Your Computer Is Running A Web Server. Now That The Website You Created Is On A Private Network, You Want To Share Its Address With A Coworker. You Need NGROK To Accomplish This. It Can Also Be Used To Mask An URL. Hope You Have Found The Answer Of How To Install NGROK In Termux

What Is NGROK Used For?

NGROK Is Used To Create A Tunnel And Mask An URL.

Is NGROK Legal To Use?

NGROK Is Legal Only And Only If Not Used To Spam Others Or Scam People. Any Illegal Activity Caused With This Tool Can Lead To A Legal Action.

Is NGROK Free?

NGROK Has A Free Plan With Limits Like You Can Start Only One Tunnel At A Time.

Does NGROK Collect Data From User?

Yes, NGROK Collects Personal Data That User Provide To NGROK Like Username And Contact Information.

How To Install NGROK In Termux

One Can Install NGROK In Termux BY Following The Above Steps One By One.


NGROK Is A Powerful Tool For Web Developers And Anyone Who Needs To Securely Expose Their Local Server To The Internet. With Termux On Your Android Device, You Can Easily Install And Use NGROK To Simplify Tasks Like Testing Webhooks, Sharing Projects, And Accessing Local Servers Remotely.

However, Remember To Use NGROK Responsibly And Ethically. Exposing Sensitive Information Or Services Without Proper Authorization Can Have Legal And Security Consequences. Always Follow Ethical Guidelines And Legal Requirements When Using Such Tools.

Happy Web Development And Stay Secure!

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