How To Install Nmap In Termux | Latest Method

In This Post I Am Going To Tell You How To Install Nmap In Termux. First Of All We Will Know The Basic Details Of The Nmap Tool.

What Is Nmap?

Nmap Is An Open Source Network Mapper That Allows You To Scan Your Network And Collect Important Data About The Network As Well As All The Devices Connected To It. For Becoming A Good Hacker You Must Know How To Collect Data About Any Device And Network And With The Help Of The Nmap Tool You Can Get All That Information In A Few Commands. To Collect The Data About The Device Nmap Sends A Packet And Then Analyses It To Get The Information.

With The Help Of Nmap, You Can Use The Footprinting Process To Gather Valuable Information About Your Victim’s Network And Systems. You Can Scan The Network And Get Information About All Devices Connected To A Particular System. You Can Scan All Open Ports And Even See The List Of All Devices And Open Ports.If You Want To Scan A Website And Find Out Its Open Ports, You Can Do This With The Help Of The Nmap Tool And Find The Ips Of The Website. If You Want To Learn More About Nmap, You Can Visit The Nmap Official Website.

Abilities Of Nmap.

First, Nmap Helps You To Quickly Map Out A Network Without Sophisticated Commands Or Configurations. It Also Supports Simple Commands (For Example, To Check If A Host Is Up) And Complex Scripting Through The Nmap Scripting Engine.

Other Features Of Nmap Include:

  • Ability To Quickly Recognize All The Devices Including Servers, Routers, Switches, Mobile Devices, Etc On Single Or Multiple Networks.
  • Helps Identify Services Running On A System Including Web Servers, Dns Servers, And Other Common Applications. Nmap Can Also Detect Application Versions With Reasonable Accuracy To Help Detect Existing Vulnerabilities.
  • Nmap Can Find Information About The Operating System Running On Devices. It Can Provide Detailed Information Like Os Versions, Making It Easier To Plan Additional Approaches During Penetration Testing.
  • During Security Auditing And Vulnerability Scanning, You Can Use Nmap To Attack Systems Using Existing Scripts From The Nmap Scripting Engine.
  • Nmap Has A Graphical User Interface Called Zenmap. It Helps You Develop Visual Mappings Of A Network For Better Usability And Reporting.

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Requirements To Install Nmap?

Following Are The Requirements To Install Nmap In Termux:

  • A Stable Internet Connection.
  • Android Version Above 5.
  • Termux App.
  • 2GB Free Storage In Internal Memory.

How To Install Nmap In Termux?

First Of All Open The Termux And Type The Below Commands One By One:

Note: All The Letters Are Case Sensitive.

  • This Command Will Update Termux
pkg update
  • This Command Will Upgrade Termux.
pkg upgrade
  • This Command Will Install Nmap In Termux.
pkg install nmap

We Have Successfully Installed Nmap In Termux. Now Type The Below Command to Check Whether The Nmap Has Been Installed Or Not By Checking The Version.

  • This Command Show The Version Of Nmap.
nmap --version

Scanning The List Of Active Devices On A Network Is The First Step In Network Mapping. There Are Two Types Of Scans You Can Use For That:

Ping Scan: Scans The List Of Devices Up And Running On A Given Subnet.

nmap -sp XXXXXX/XX


Nmap Is A Great Data Collection Tool That Is Useful For People Who Are At Least Intermediate Level Hackers. There Are Many New Features And Tools To Collect. Most Nmap Commands Do Not Work In Termux Because They Require Root Privileges. However, You Can Still Use This Tool To Scan Your Network And Get Important Information About Your Network. If You Have Questions Ask Me In The Comments And I Will Get Back To You, Thank You For Reading And Support.

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