How To Install TBomb In Termux | Call And SMS Bomber.

In This Post I Am Going To Tell You How To Install TBomb In Termux. As Usual We will Go Through The Step By Step Process Of Installing The TBomb In Termux. Also We WIll Know Some Basic Definitions And Some More Information About The TBomb Tool. So Let’s Start.

What Is TBomb?

TBomb Is A Call And Message Bombing Script Writen In Python. This Tool Is Used To Send Spam Calls And Messages To A Number. TBomb Is Designed For Entertainment Purposes So Using This Tool To Harm Anyone Is Not Legal And The Developer Or Me Is Not Responsible For Any Harmful Activity Made Through This Tool. It Is Designed By The Speed X.

Basic Features Of TBomb Tool?

  • Easy Use And A User Friendly Experience.
  • Over 15 Integrated Messaging And Calling APIs Included With JSON.
  • Unlimited (With Abuse Protection) And Super Fast Bombing With Multithreading.
  • Possibility Of International API Support (APIs Are Offline).
  • Flexible With Addition Of Newer APIs With The Help Of JSON Documents.
  • Actively Supported By The Developers With Frequent Updates And Bug-fixes.
  • Intuitive Auto-update Feature And Notification Fetch Feature Included.
  • Recently Made Free And Open-source For Community Contributions.
  • Modular Codebase And Snippets Easily Embedded In Other Program.

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How To Install TBomb In Termux?

Now We Will See How To Install TBomb In Termux. For That You Should Install The Updated Version Of Termux From FDriod Or Official Site Of Termux. Because Termux Has No Updated Version On Play Store. To Install TBomb In Termux Open The Termux App And Type The Below Commands One By One.

  • Update And Upgrade Termux: Open Termux And Run The Following Commands To Make Sure Your Package List Is Upto Date And All Installed Packages Are Upgraded.
pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Installing Python In Termux: This Tool Runs With Python, So We Have To Install It Into Termux By The Below Command.
pkg install python -y
pkg install python2 -y
  • Installing Git In Termux: This Tool Is Hosted On Github, Install Git To Download TBomb. Install Git By Running.
pkg install git -y
  • Clone TBomb Repository: Use Git To Clone The TBomb Repository To Your Termux Environment. This Command Will Download The TBomb Files To Your Device.
git clone
  • Navigate To The TBomb Directory: Go To The TBomb Directory By Running:
cd TBomb
  • Giving Executable Permission To TBomb.
chmod +x
  • Install TBomb In Termux By The Below Command.

After The Above Command It Will Start Installing The TBomb In Termux. And Will Automatically Open In The Termux App. In Future If You Need To Open The TBomb. Run The Below Commands.

cd TBomb

How To Use After Installing TBomb In Termux?

  • Step 1: After Completely Opening The TBomb In Termux , An Interface Will Open And Will Ask You To Choose The Call Bombing Or Message Bombing. Select 1 For Message Bombing And 2 For Call Bombing And Press Enter.
  • Step 2: Now Enter The Country Code (Use +91 For India).
  • Step 3: Now Enter The Phone Number Of The Victim.
  • Step 4: Now Enter The Time Of Delay, Message After Message Or Call After Call.
  • Step 5: Now Enter The Threads As Recommended By The TBomb.
  • Step 6: After Completing This Press Enter To Start And Ctrl+C To Close The Bomber.

Purpose After Installing TBomb Tool:

  • Educational Purpose: TBomb Allows Users To Understand The Concept Of Sms Bombing, Where A Target Receives A Large Number Of SMS Messages, Potentially Causing Disruption. This Tool Can Be Used To Educate Individuals On The Importance Of Securing Communication Channels And The Potential Risks Associated With SMS Based Attacks.
  • Ethical Considerations: It’s Crucial To Emphasize That The Primary Purpose Of Using TBomb Is Educational. Users Should Only Engage In Activities Where They Have Explicit Permission And Adhere To Ethical Standards. Unauthorized Use Of Such Tools Is Against The Law And Can Have Serious Consequences.


TBomb Serves As A Valuable Tool For Educational Purposes, Shedding Light On Sms Bombing And Its Implications. However, Users Must Exercise Responsibility, Follow Ethical Guidelines, And Prioritize Legal Considerations When Using Such Tools. Ethical Hacking Should Always Be Conducted In A Controlled And Authorized Environment To Ensure A Positive Learning Experience Without Causing Harm Or Disruption.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can TBomb Be Used On iOS Devices?

TBomb Is Primarily Designed For Use On Android Devices Through The Termux App. It May Not Be Directly Compatible With iOS Devices.

Can TBomb Be Used On Any Phone Number?

TBomb Should Only Be Used On Phone Numbers For Which You Have Explicit Permission. Using It On Unauthorized Numbers Is Illegal And Unethical.

What Precautions Should I Take When Using TBomb?

If Using TBomb For Educational Purposes, Ensure That You Have Explicit Permission To Test On The Target Phone Number. Use It Responsibly And Avoid Causing Any Harm Or Disruption.

Is TBomb Legal To Use?

TBomb Itself Is A Tool, And Its Legality Depends On How It Is Used. Using Tbomb Or Any Similar Tool Without Proper Authorization Or For Malicious Purposes Is Illegal. It Should Only Be Used In Controlled Environments With Explicit Permission.

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