How To Install TrueCaller In Termux

In this post I am going to tell you how to install TrueCaller in termux. We will install truecallerjs in termux through step by step process. We will also know some of the basic features and definitions of this script and more about it. So let’s see how to install truecaller in termux?

What is TrueCallerJS?

Truecallerjs is used to simplify the process of fetching phone number details. With this library, you can easily integrate truecaller functionality into your node.Js, javascript, and typescript applications. It abstracts the complexities of interacting with the truecaller api and provides a streamlined interface for fetching and processing phone number information.

Basic features of TrueCallerJS:

Truecallerjs comes with a lot of features that include:

  • Phone number lookup: Retrieve detailed information about a phone number, including the owner’s name, location, and more.
  • Support for Node.JS, Javascript, and Typescript: Truecallerjs is used in node.Js projects, as well as in javascript and typescript applications.
  • Simple and lightweight: Truecallerjs is designed to be easy to use and lightweight.

How To Install TruecallerJS In Termux?

Now We Will Install Truecaller In Termux. Follow The Given Steps One By One To Install TruecallerJS In Termux.

  • First Of All Open The Termux And Type The Below Command One By One.
  • Update And Upgrade Termux: Open Termux And Run The Following Commands To Make Sure Your Package List Is Up To Date And All Installed Packages Are Upgraded.
pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Give Termux Storage Permission: Use The Below Command To Give Termux Storage Permission.
  • Installing Node JS In Termux: AnonPhisher Is Hosted On Github, And You’ll Need Node To Download It. Install By Node JS Running.
apt install nodejs
  • Installing Truecaller In Termux: Type The Below Command To Install Truecaller JS In Termux:
npm install truecallerjs

After Typing The Below Command The Truecaller JS Will Be Installed In Your Termux. Now You Can Simply Use It.

  • Run Truecaller JS In Termux: To Run Truecaller JS In Termux Type The Below Command:
npm install -g truecallerjs

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How To Use TruecallerJS In Termux?

how to install truecaller in termux

After Installation, We Will See How To Use Termux JS. Below Are The Uses Of Termux JS One By One.

  • If You Want To Login In TruecallerJS, Type The Below Command:
truecallerjs login

After The Above Command You Need To Type Your Phone Number Followed By The OTP.

  • Use The Below Command To Search For A Phone Number And Retrieve The Caller Name And Related Information.
truecallerjs -s [number]

For Example:

~$ truecallerjs -s +919876543210 --json

~$ truecallerjs -s +919876543210 --name
Name : Noman
  • Use Below Command To Perform Bulk Number Searches Using The Truecaller Service. It Allows You To Search For Multiple Phone Numbers At Once, Making It Convenient For Processing Large Sets Of Phone Numbers In A Single Request.
truecallerjs --bulksearch, --bs

For Example:

truecallerjs --bulksearch <phone_number_1>,<phone_number_2>,<phone_number_3>,...,<phone_number_n>

Commands To Use TrueCallerJS In Termux

CommandDescriptionAdditional Information
truecallerjs –versionCheck the current version of Truecallerjs.No additional information provided.
truecallerjs -sSearch for a phone number.Allows searching for details associated with a specific phone number.
truecallerjs –bsSearch multiple phone numbers.Enables batch searching for details of multiple phone numbers.
truecallerjs -eSearch for an email linked to a phone number.Looks up an email address associated with a given phone number.
truecallerjs –jsonPrint information in a JSON file format.Outputs search results in JSON format for easy integration with other systems.
truecallerjs –xmlPrint information in an XML file format.Outputs search results in XML format.
truecallerjs –yamlPrint information in a YAML file format.Outputs search results in YAML format, which is useful for structured data.
truecallerjs –textPrint information in a text file format.Outputs search results in plain text format.
truecallerjs -iView your InstallationId.Displays the unique InstallationId associated with your Truecallerjs setup.
truecallerjs -hDisplay the help menu for commands.Provides a list of available commands and their descriptions.

Through The Above Steps You Will Able Now To Search For A Phone Number In Termux.


TruecallerJS Is A Script That Works On Truecaller API. The TruecallerJS Tool Is Not An Official Truecaller Product. It Is A Custom Script Developed By Sumith Emmadi, And Its Functionality Is Dependent On The Truecaller Service. Please Use This Tool Responsibly And In Compliance With The Terms Of Service Of Truecaller.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Install TrueCaller In Termux

Does TrueCaller Sell Data?

According To Truecaller, Truecaller Does Not Sell User Data. We Care Deeply About Our Users And Their Data, And Would Like To Assure Them That We Securely Handle Their Data And Process It As Per Our Privacy Policy.

Can TrueCaller Be Installed In Termux?

Yes, Truecaller Can Be Installed And Used In Termux. But It Does Not Provide The Official Support.

Does TruecallerJS Give More Information Than TrueCaller App?

No, It Does Not Give Additional Information, It Simply Provides A Shell Interface For TrueCaller.

How To Install TrueCaller In Termux?

One Can Install Truecaller JS To Install Truecaller In Termux.

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