How To Install Ubuntu In Termux | Latest Method

In This Post I Am Going To Show You How To Install Ubuntu In Termux. Basically We Will Install The Ubuntu In The Termux And You Can operate It With Termux. We Will Also Go With Complete Definitions So That Every Thing Must Be Understandable. So Let’s Start.

What Is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Is An Open-source Operating System Based On The Linux Kernel. It Is Developed And Maintained By Canonical Ltd., A UK- Based Company. Ubuntu Focuses On Ease Of Use, Making It Accessible For People Who Might Be New To Linux.

Key Features Of Ubuntu

  • User-Friendly: Ubuntu’s Desktop Environment, Which Can Be Gnome By Default, Offers An Intuitive And User-friendly Interface. You Don’t Need To Be A Linux Guru To Get Started With Ubuntu.
  • Software Center: Ubuntu Software Center Provides An Easy Way To Install And Manage Software Applications. Thousands Of Applications Are Available For Free, Making It A Versatile Platform For Your Needs.
  • Stability: Ubuntu Is Known For Its Stability And Reliability. Frequent Updates And Long-term Support (LTS) Releases Ensure A Smooth Experience, Whether You’re Using It For Personal Or Professional Purposes.
  • Community And Support: The Ubuntu Community Is Large And Active. If You Run Into Issues Or Have Questions, Forums, Blogs, And Official Support Channels Are Readily Available.
  • Security: Ubuntu Takes Security Seriously. Regular Security Updates Keep Your System Protected Against Vulnerabilities.

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How To Install Ubuntu In Termux?

Now We Will See How To Install Ubuntu In Termux. Basically We Will Install Ubuntu Shell In Termux.

Follow The Given Steps One By One To Install Ubuntu In Termux:

  1. First Of All Open The Termux App
  2. Now Type The Below Commands One By One In Termux, Or You Can Simply Copy And Paste These Commands.
  • Update And Upgrade Termux:
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y
  • Install Wget In Termux
pkg install wget -y
  • Install Git In Termux
pkg install git -y
  • Install Proot In Termux
pkg install proot -y
  • Change The Directory To Home
  • Cloning Ubuntu From Git
git clone
  • Change Directory Tu Ubuntu In Termux
cd ubuntu-in-termux
  • Giving Executable Permission To The
chmod +x
  • Installing Ubuntu In Termux
./ -y
  • Starting Ubuntu Shell In Termux

We Have Successfully Installed The Ubuntu Shell In Termux But You Have To Always Type Some Commands To Open It So We Will Try To Make It Simple By Following The Below Steps.

Ubuntu Shell In Termux
  • Making Shortcut To Run The Ubuntu Shell In Termux.
echo "alias ubuntu='cd && cd ubuntu-in-termux && ./'" >> /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/etc/bash.bashrc
  • Installing Neoftech In Ubuntu Shell.
apt-get install neofetch
echo 'neofetch' >> /etc/bash.bashrc

That Is It Now You Can Open The Ubuntu Shell With The ubuntu Command.

We Have Successfully Installed The Ubuntu Shell In The Termux We Can Now Install Other Packages In It With The Below Command:

apt-get (PAKAGE NAME)


You Now Have A Basic Ubuntu Environment Running Within Termux. You Can Use Standard Ubuntu Commands And Install Additional Packages As Needed.

Remember That This Environment Is Limited In Functionality And May Not Offer The Full Ubuntu Experience. It’s Mainly For Educational Purposes And For Running Specific Linux Commands And Applications Within An Android Environment.

Keep In Mind That This Method May Not Work On All Android Devices, And Success May Depend On Various Factors Such As Device Model, Android Version, And Root Method. Always Research Thoroughly And Proceed With Caution.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Installing Ubuntu Give All Features Of Ubuntu In Termux Shell?

No It Only Gives The Basic Command Line Of Ubuntu Shell.

Can I Install GUI Of Ubuntu In Termux?

Yes You Can Install The GUI Of The Ubuntu In Termux.

Can I Install Ubuntu Tools In Termux?

Yes, You Can Install All The Ubuntu Tools If Your Device Is Rooted.

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