How To Install Wireshark In Termux | Latest Method

In This Post I Am Going To Tell How How To Install Wireshark In Termux. Those Friends Who Have Been Using The Kali Linux Must Know Most Of It. But We Will Go Through The Basic Of It And Will Install It In Termux. So Let’s Start:

What Is Wireshark?

Wireshark Is An Open-Source Packet Analyzer, Also Known As A Network Protocol Analyzer Or Packet Sniffer. It Is Available For Multiple Platforms, Including Windows, Mac OS, And Linux, Making It A Versatile And Widely Used Tool For Network Professionals, Security Experts, And Enthusiasts. Wireshark Captures And Displays Network Packets, Providing Detailed Information About The Data, Source, Destination, Protocols, And Much More. Wireshark Is Like A Detective For Your Computer’s Network. It’s A Free Tool That Lets You See What’s Happening With The Data Going In And Out Of Your Computer. It Works On Windows, Mac, And Linux, So Anyone Can Use It.

Key Features Of Wireshark Tool?

  • Packet Capture: Wireshark Captures Network Packets In Real-time, Allowing You To See Data As It Travels Across Your Network.
  • Protocol Support: It Supports An Extensive Range Of Network Protocols, From The Well-known Like HTTP, TCP, And UDP, To More Specialized Ones Used In Industrial Control Systems And IOT Devices.
  • Deep Packet Inspection: Wireshark Allows You To Drill Down Into Packets, Dissecting Their Contents And Revealing The Structure And Data Within.
  • Live Packet Analysis: You Can Monitor Live Network Traffic As It Happens, Making It A Valuable Tool For Real-time Troubleshooting And Network Optimization.
  • Filtering And Search: Wireshark’s Powerful Filter Capabilities Enable You To Focus On Specific Types Of Traffic Or Data, Making It Easier To Find And Analyze The Information You Need.
  • Graphical Visualization: The Tool Provides Graphical Representations Of Network Traffic, Which Can Be Helpful For Identifying Patterns And Anomalies.

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How To Install Wireshark In Termux?

To Install Wireshark In Termux, Which Is A Terminal Emulator For Android, You Can Use The Following Steps. Please Note That Termux Provides A Limited Set Of Packages Compared To A Full-fledged Linux Distribution, So Some Features Of Wireshark May Be Limited.

  • Install Termux: First Step You Need To Do Is To Install Termux App.
  • Open Termux: Open Termux App And Type The Below Commands One By One:

Note: All The Letters Are Case Sensitive.

  • Update And Upgrade Termux:
apt update && apt upgrade -y
  • Now We Will Install The X11-Repo Package In Termux Because In This Post We Are Gonna Use Wireshark GUI Mode.
pkg install x11-repo
  • Install X Term In Termux:
apt install xterm -y
  • Install Tiger VNC In Termux:
apt install tigervnc -y
  • Install Tiger VNC Viewer In Termux:
apt install tigervnc-viewer -y
  • After Installing All The Requirements We Will Now Install Wireshark In Termux:
apt install wireshark-gtk -y

We Have Successfully Installed The Wireshark In Termux. Now We Will Install The Graphical User Interface For It.

How To Install GUI For Wireshark?

  • First Of All Go The Play Store And Install VNC Viewer
  • Now You Have The VNC Viewer On Your Phone. To Start The Wireshark We Need To Run The VNC Server In Termux, Just Type The Below Command The Server Will Start.
  • While Using It First Time It Will Ask For Password Just Type A Password And Click Enter And Then Retype The Password And Click Enter.
  • No, it is asking “Would you like to enter a View only password?” Just Press N And Press Enter.
  • Now Type The Below Command To Create A Local Host On Your Phone:
export DISPLAY="1"
  • Now Type The Below Command To See The Running VNC Server And Its Port Number.
vncserver -list

Setting Up VNC:

  • Now Open The VNC App And Click On The Plus Button That Is Placed In The Right Bottom.
  • Now In The Address Field Type localhost:1, Remember That If You Are Running The Server Next Time You Need To Change The Localhost To 2 Or 3. Or You Can Check The vncserver -list For Your Localhost Port.
  • In The Name Field Type A Random Name As You Want.
  • Now Click On Create And It Will Connect VNC To The Termux
  • Now Click On The Green Button In The VNC App.
  • Now Select The Name You Created And Click On The Okay In The Corner.
  • Now It Will Ask For The Authentication Password, Just Type The Password You Used For Setting Up The VNC Server In Termux. I Am Gonna Type 00000 And Press On Continue On Top Right Corner.
  • Now Drag From The Top Like You Do To Open The Notification Panel. And You Will See A Keyboard Icon There. Click On The Keyboard Icon And It Will Open Your Keyboard. Now Type The Below Command There And Press Enter.

Now Wait For Atleast 15 Seconds A Screen Will Appear. Now You Can Drag The Cursor Using Screen. And Finally You Can Use This Tool Now.

Wireshark Uses:

Wireshark Is Like A Swiss Army Knife For Network Stuff. Here Are Some Things You Can Do With It:

  • Fix Network Problems: If Your Internet Is Slow Or Things Aren’t Working Right, Wireshark Can Help You Figure Out Why.
  • Detect Bad Stuff: Wireshark Can Also Help You Find Out If Someone’s Trying To Do Something Bad On Your Network, Like Hacking Or Spreading Viruses.
  • Check On Speed: If You Want To Make Sure Your Games, Videos, And Websites Load Quickly, Wireshark Can Help You See If Things Are Running Smoothly.
  • Make New Things: People Who Build New Internet Stuff Use Wireshark To Test And Make Sure It Works.
  • Save Money: For Businesses, Wireshark Can Help Save Money By Making Sure Their Networks Are Running Efficiently.


Wireshark Is A Friendly Tool That Helps You Understand The Mysteries Of The Internet. Whether You’re A Computer Expert Or Just Curious, Wireshark Can Be A Big Help. But Remember, Using It Is Like Being A Good Detective – You Should Always Follow The Rules And Respect People’s Privacy. By Using Wireshark Wisely, You Can Learn How The Internet Works And Solve All Kinds Of Network Puzzles.

Note: This Post Is Only For Educational Purposes. I And This Site Do Not Support Any Criminal Activity. If You Are Doing Any Sort Of Misuse Of This Information This Site Is Not Responsible For That. This Site Only Support Ethical Hacking.

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