How To Install WishFish In Termux | Camera Hacking.

In This Post I Am Going To Tell You How To Install WishFish In Termux, And Also How To Use It. We Will Go Through The Step By Step Process Of Installing WishFish In Termux. We Will See Different Definitions And Uses Of WishFish Tool In The Modern Era. So Let’s Start.

What Is WishFish Tool?

WishFish Is A Powerful Tool For Grab Front Camera Snap Using A Link This Tool Will Work In Both Linux And Termux App. Using Wishfish Tool You Can Generate Different Phishing Links Of Wishing Or Custom Sites Which Can Grab Victim Front Camera Pictures And Also Gives You Lockup Information Of Target IP Address.

Key Features Of WishFish Tool:

  • Different Types Of Phishing Pages Added In This Tool.
  • Festival Phishing Pages Are Available In This Tool.
  • YouTube Phishing Page To Capture Images.
  • NGROK Is Automatically Installed In This Tool.
  • Given IP Address Of The Victim.

How To Install WishFish In Termux?

To Install WishFish In Termux You Need To Follow The Given Steps One By One. You Also Need Termux App Installed From The FDroid Or Termux Official Website.


  • An Android Phone With Android Version Above 5.
  • A Stable Internet Connection.
  • Minimum 4 GB Internal Storage.

Step 1: First Of All Open The Termux And Type The Following Commands One By One:

  • Update And Upgrade Termux: Open Termux And Run The Following Commands To Make Sure Your Package List Is Up To Date And All Installed Packages Are Upgraded.
pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
  • Give Termux Storage Permission: Use The Below Command To Give Termux Storage Permission.
  • Installing Git In Termux: WishFish Is Hosted On Github, And You’ll Need Git To Download It. Install Git By Running.
pkg install git -y
  • Install PHP And Wget In Termux:
apt install php wget -y
  • Clone WishFish Repository: Use Git To Clone The WishFish Repository To Your Termux Environment. This Command Will Download The WishFish Files To Your Device.
git clone
  • Navigate To The WishFish Directory: Go To The WishFish Directory By Running:
cd WishFish

Install WishFish In Termux:

Type The Below Command To Install WishFish In Termux.


We Have Successfully Installed The WishFish In Termux. Hope You Have Done It Right. You Can Now Just Simply Type The bash Command To Open The WishFish Tool.

How To Use WishFish After Installation In Termux?

  • After Opening The WishFish Tool You Will See Choose The Port Forwarding Option, Just Type 02 And Press Enter.
  • Wait Till You See A Link On The Terminal. Now Copy This Link And Send This Link To The Victim And Wait.
  • When The Victim Will Click On This Link, You Will See The IP Address Of The Victim Then You Will Get Image File In Your Termux App. That Has Been Captured From The Victims Front Camera.
  • If The Victim Stays On That Links Page For Longer Time You Will Get More Than One Image.
  • Now Type The Command Below To See The Name Of The Image Files Which You Have Taken From The Victim’s Camera.
cd captured && ls
  • Now To See The Images You Just Have To Type The Below Command And You Will Be Able To See The Images In The Termux App.
termux-open imagename.png
  • Change imagename.jpg To The File Name That Appeared In The Above Step.

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WishFish Is Great Tool With A Great Tool To Create Phishing Pages To Grab The Photo From The Front Camera. Use This Tool For The Educational Purpose Only. Hope You Have Enjoyed This Hacking Trick. If You Any Problem Regarding This Please Comment I Will Try To Resolve It Fully. Hacking Is Illegal. Please Use These Tricks To Protect Others From These Hacking Tricks. Using These Tricks For Illegal Use Can Harm You And I Am Not Responsible For That.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Insatllation Of WishFish:

Is WishFish Tool Legal?

WishFish Tool Is Legal When Used For Educational Purpose Only. And The Developer is Not Responsible For The Illegal Activities.

Can WishFish Tool Be Installed On Kali Linux?

Yes One Can Easily Install The WishFish Tool In Kali Linux.

Is WishFish Tool A Hacking Tool?

Yes, WishFish Tool Is A Hacking Tool And Should Not Be Used To Harm Others.

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