How To Install ZPhisher Tool In Termux | Latest Method

In This Post I Am Going To Tell You How To Install ZPhisher Tool In Termux. We Will Go Through A Step By Step Process Of How To Install ZPhisher Tool In Termux And Also Know The Basic Definitions In It. For Those Friends Who Do Not Know About ZPhisher Let Me Explain To Them.

What Is ZPhisher Tool?

ZPhisher Is A Tool Developed By HTR-Tech, And It Simplifies The Process Of Setting Up And Executing Phishing Attacks. Phishing Attacks Often Involve Impersonating Trusted Entities, Like Websites, To Deceive Users Into Revealing Their Login Credentials, Personal Information, Or Financial Details. These Attacks Can Have Serious Consequences And Are Illegal When Used For Malicious Purposes.

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Key Features Of ZPhisher Tool

  • Ease Of Use: ZPhisher Is Designed To Be User-friendly, Making It Accessible Even To Those With Limited Technical Knowledge. It Provides A Menu-driven Interface That Simplifies The Setup Of Various Phishing Attack Scenarios.
  • Multiple Templates: ZPhisher Includes A Collection Of Phishing Page Templates For Popular Websites And Services, Making It Easy To Create Convincing Replicas.
  • Customization: Users Can Customize The Phishing Pages, Allowing For Personalization And Specific Targeting.
  • Information Gathering: The Tool Includes Options For Collecting Information From Phishing Victims, Such As Their IP Addresses And Geolocation Data.
  • Automated Hosting: ZPhisher Can Automatically Set Up A Web Server To Host Phishing Pages, Simplifying The Deployment Process.

How To Install ZPhisher Tool In Termux?

Follow The Given Steps One By One To Install The ZPhisher Tool In Termux.

  1. First Of All Open The Termux And Type The Below Commands Or You Can Just Simply Paste Them.

Note: All The Letters Are Case Sensitive.

  • Update And Upgrade Termux:
apt update && apt upgrade -y
  • Install Git In Termux:
pkg install git -y
  • Install Wget In Termux:
pkg install wget -y
  • Install Open SSH In Termux:
pkg install openssh -y
  • Install Curl In Termux:
pkg install curl -y
  • Install PHP In Termux:
pkg install php -y
  • Cloning The ZPhisher From Git Into Termux:
git clone
  • Go To The ZPhisher Folder:
cd zphisher
  • Giving Executable Permission To The ZPhisher File.
chmod +x
  • Running ZPhisher In Termux:

That Is All We Have Successfully Installed And Opened The ZPhisher Tool In Termux.

How To Use ZPhisher Tool In Termux?

  • After The ZPhisher Tool Has Been Opened, A Screen Will Appear Asking You To Select The Page You Want To Create, I Will Choose Instagram So I Will Type 02.
Install ZPhisher In Termux
  • Now Type 01 To Select The Traditional Page.
Install ZPhisher In Termux
  • Now Here You Have To Select A Port Forwarding Method If You Select One It Will Create A Phishing Link That Will Work Only On Your Wifi Also The NGROK Option Is Not Working, You Just Have To Select The Third Option And It Will Work Perfectly.
Install Zphisher In Termux

Here You Will See Your Link Is Generated And You Just Have To Copy The Link And Send It To The Victim, Keep In Mind That You Have To Copy The Full Link, You Can Copy Anyone Of URLs And It Will Work Fine.

Install ZPhisher In Termux

Now Send That Link To The Victim And Wait, As Soon As The Victim Opens And Enters The Details. It Will Be Send To Your Termux Terminal.


ZPhisher Will Present You With A Menu Containing Various Phishing Attack Options For Different Platforms And Services. Select The Option You Want To Use And Follow The On-screen Instructions To Set Up Your Phishing Page.

Remember That This Tool Is For Educational And Ethical Purposes Only. Do Not Use It For Any Malicious Activities, And Always Obtain Proper Consent When Conducting Any Tests Or Experiments Involving Other Individuals Or Services.

Important Note: Phishing Is Illegal And Unethical When Used For Malicious Purposes. Always Respect The Privacy And Rights Of Others And Use Your Knowledge And Skills Responsibly And Within The Boundaries Of The Law.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The Requirements To Install ZPhisher?

You Must Have Android Version 5+ With Almost 500 MB Free Storage And A Stable Internet Connection

Is ZPhisher Illegal To Use?

Yes, Using ZPhisher To Harm Others Is Totally Illegal.

Can I Run ZPhisher On Linux Platforms?

Yes, You Can Run ZPhisher On All The Linux Platforms. But You Have To Install It In A Proper Way

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