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Hello there geek friends. In this post I am going to teach you all the commands with their uses in termux. We will discuss all of the termux commands list through category wise. Will execute these termux commands and will also talk about them in detail. So let’s start,

Termux commands list with their uses.

Termux runs on a linux like shell so most of the commands that work on linux will also run in termux app. We will see all the termux commands with their uses in this post. Below are the detailed list of the commands category wise with example in the code box:

Termux commands list for package management:

We have provided a table for these commands for the easy understanding. These commands include all the termux commands that can install or update any package in termux. These include also removing of packages from the termux.

pkg updateThis command is used to update all installed packagespkg update
pkg upgradeThis command is used to upgrade all packages in Termux apppkg upgrade
pkg installOne can install any package by replacing the with the package name they want to install. This will install Python package in Termux.pkg install python
pkg uninstallIf you want to remove any package, you can simply type the command and write the name of the package in place of . Command used to uninstall Python.pkg uninstall python
pkg list-installedThis command enables you to see the list of packages installed in your Termux app.pkg list-installed
pkg searchOne can search the specific package through the command by replacing the with the package you want to install. This command used to search for Neofetch package.pkg search neofetch
pkg showYou can see the details of the specific package by replacing the with the package you want to see. This command shows information about the package Git.pkg show git
Termux Commands List In Package Management:

We Have Provided An Image Of termux commands list for pacakage management:

Termux Commands List

Termux commands list for navigation:

These commands include the termux commands through which one can through the files and folders. These include commands that can show you location of user file. You can delete, copy and move files and folders through the below commands.

cdThis command is used to change the directory in Termux.cd home
lsThis command lists all the files and directories in the current directory.ls
ls -lThis command is used to list files with details.ls -l
pwdLists the location of the directory that you are working in.pwd
mkdirOne can create a new directory with this command.mkdir directory_name
touchOne can easily create an empty file using this command.touch filename
cpCopy files or directories to other location.cp /sdcard/Folder1/filename.txt /sdcard/Folder2/
mvThis command can move directories or files.mv /sdcard/Folder1/filename.txt /sdcard/Folder2/
rmThis command can be used to remove files or directories.rm filename
catThis command is used to display file contents.cat filename
nanoThe command can be used to view and edit text files.nano filename.txt
clearCommand used to clear the screen.clear
Termux Command List For Beginners In Navigation

We have provided an image of termux commands list for naviagtion:

Termux Commands List

Termux commands list for file management

These commands are for the file managing process in termux. This will include command that deal with the downloading or giving permissions to a file.

wgetDownload files from the internetwget https://www.example.com/file.txt
chmodChange file permissions and make them executablechmod 755 script.sh
chownChange file owner and groupchown user:group file.txt
tarArchive filestar -cvf archive.tar file1 file2 directory/
curlTransfer data from server to servercurl https://www.example.com/data.txt -o data.txt
termux-setup-storageGive storage permission in Termuxtermux-setup-storage
gitDownload files from GitHub repogit clone https://github.com/username/repo.git

We have provided an image of termux commands list for file management:

Termux Commands List

Termux commands list to run scripts:

These commands include all the commands that are used to run any type of script. Scripts that are made in json, python or bash can be executed through the below commands.

bashCommand used to run a Bash file.bash filename.sh
shCommand used to run a Shell file.sh filename.sh
pythonCommand used to run Python files.python filename.py
nodeCommand used to run a JavaScript file.node filename.js
phpCommand used to run a PHP file.php filename.php

We have provided an image of termux commands list to run scripts:

Termux Commands List

Termux commands list for managing processes:

These commands can be used to activate or kill the process in termux. You can also check the time of process and do many other things in it.

psCommand used to list the processes running currently.ps
uptimeCommand used to view the uptime of the system.uptime
killCommand used to kill any process.kill process_id
whoamiCommand used to know the username.whoami
exitCommand used to exit the current terminal.exit

Termux commands list for advance use:

These are some advanced commands that are used in termux. These include transferring files from server to server and other things.

ssh user@hostnameConnects the user to a remote server via SSH.ssh john@example.com
scp source destinationSecurely copies files between hosts.scp file.txt user@example.com:/path/to/destination
find directory -name filenameSearches for files in a directory hierarchy.find /home/user/documents -name "*.pdf"
rsync source destinationSyncs files and directories locally or remotely.rsync -avz /local/dir/ user@remote:/remote/dir/
tmuxTerminal multiplexer for managing multiple sessions.tmux new -s session_name
sed 's/old_pattern/new_pattern/' filenameStream editor for filtering and transforming text.sed 's/apples/oranges/' file.txt
awk '{print $1}' filenamePattern scanning and processing language, prints the first column of text.awk '{print $1}' data.csv
du -sh directoryDisplays disk usage of a directory in a human-readable format.du -sh /var/www/html
df -hDisplays free disk space in a human-readable table format.df -h

Termux commands list pdf

After seeing all the termux commands, we will provide you a pdf file so that you can download all the termux commands and practice them. Below is the download link for the termux command list pdf. Click on the download button to download the termux command list pdf.

Download PDF


Once you’ve got the hang of these commands, you’ll be able to do a lot in termux! Whether you’re just moving files around or doing more advanced stuff like changing text in files or even connecting to other computers securely. You’ll have the tools you need. Don’t be afraid to try things out and see what happens. Termux can be your secret weapon on your android device. I hope you have find it useful, if you still are in a quarry to understand these you can comment or contact us. We will try our best to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Termux?

Termux Is An Android Terminal Emulator And Linux Environment App That Allows Users To Run Various Linux Commands On Their Android Devices.

Where Can I Find A List Of Termux Commands?

You Can Find A List Of Termux Commands By Typing Help In The Termux Terminal, Or You Can Refer To The Page I Have Posted Above.

What Are Some Common Termux Commands For Beginners?

Common Commands For Beginners Include ls (list directory contents), cd (change directory), mkdir (make directory), rm (remove files or directories), cp (copy files or directories), mv (move files or directories), apt (package manager), pkg (another package manager), wget (download files from the internet), and curl (transfer data from or to a server)

How Can I Update Packages In Termux?

You Can Update Packages In Termux By Running “apt update” To Update The Package Lists And Then “apt upgrade” To Upgrade Installed Packages To Their Latest Versions.

Can I Customize Termux?

Yes, You Can Customize Termux By Editing Its Configuration Files, Installing Additional Packages, Or Even By Creating Shell Scripts To Automate Tasks.

How To Install Python In Termux?

You Can Install Python Through “pkg install python -y” Command In Termux.

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