How To Create And Add Contact Us Page In WordPress

In This Post I Am Going To Show You How To Add Contact Us Page In WordPress. We Will Add Contact Us Page Through A Step By Step Process In WordPress. As All Of Us Know That Contact Us Page Is Very Much Essential For AdSense Approval Also Adding A “Contact Us” Page To Your WordPress Website Is A Crucial Step In Providing A Way For Visitors To Reach Out To You. So Let’s Start.

What Is Contact Us Page?

A “Contact Us” Page Is A Dedicated Section On A Website That Provides Visitors With A Means To Get In Touch With The Site Owner, Business, Or Organization. This Page Typically Includes Various Contact Details Such As A Contact Form, Email Address, Physical Address, Phone Number, And Sometimes Social Media Links. The Primary Purpose Of A Contact Us Page Is To Facilitate Communication Between The Website And Its Visitors.

Why A Contact Us Page Is Important?

  • Accessibility For Visitors: It Provides A Centralized And Easily Accessible Location For Visitors To Find Contact Information. Visitors Who Have Questions, Feedback, Or Inquiries Can Quickly Locate The Necessary Information To Get In Touch.
  • Builds Trust And Credibility: A Well-designed Contact Us Page Adds A Level Of Transparency To A Website. When Visitors See That There Is A Straightforward Way To Contact The Site Owner Or Organization, It Can Instill Trust And Credibility.
  • Customer Support: For Businesses And E-commerce Websites, A Contact Us Page Is A Crucial Element Of Customer Support. Customers Can Use This Page To Seek Assistance, Report Issues, Or Ask Questions About Products And Services.
  • Enhances User Experience: A Contact Us Page Contributes To A Positive User Experience By Offering A Clear Pathway For Communication. Visitors Appreciate Websites That Make It Easy For Them To Reach Out, And A Contact Us Page Is A Key Element In Achieving This.
  • Feedback And Suggestions: A Contact Us Page Serves As A Platform For Users To Provide Feedback, Suggestions, Or Report Issues They May Have Encountered On The Website. This Can Be Valuable Information For Website Owners Looking To Improve Their Site.

How To Add Contact Us Page In WordPress?

Follow The Below Steps To Add Contact Us Page In WordPress.

  • Step 1:Log In To Your WordPress Dashboard, Go To Your WordPress Website And Log In To Your Admin Dashboard. This Is Usually Located At ““.
How To Add Contact Us Page in WordPress
  • Step 2: Add A New Plugin, Go To The Plugins Section And Add A New Plugin Named As ” WP Forms“. After Adding The “WP Forms” Activate It And Open It.
How To Add Contact Us Page in WordPress
  • Step 3: Add A New Form, Now After Opening The WP Forms, Click On Add New And Name Your Form As Contact Us.
How To Add Contact Us Page in WordPress
  • Step 4:Choose A Contact Us Form, We Will Install A Prebuilt Contact Us Page For Our WordPress Website. Select It And Click On Save.
How To Add Contact Us Page in WordPress
  • Step 5: Create A New Page, In The Dashboard, Navigate To Pages > Add New. This Is Where You’ll Create Your Contact Us Page. Name This Page As Contact Us.
How To Add Contact Us Page in WordPress
  • Step 6: Add Contact Us Form In In Contact Us Page, Now Click On The Add Block And Search For WP Forms And Click On It.
How To Add Contact Us Page in WordPress
  • Step 7: Select The Contact Us Forum, Now Click On Select And Click On Contact Us, It Will Add Contact Us Forum In Your Page. After That Click On Save And Publish.
How To Add Contact Us Page in WordPress

We Have Successfully Installed A Contact Us Page In WordPress, Now You Can Edit In The Contact Us Page Or You Can Add Any Other Text Or Image.


Contact Us Page Is A Bridge Between A Website And Its Visitors, Facilitating Communication And Engagement. Its Importance Lies In Creating A User-friendly And Trustworthy Environment, As Well As Providing A Platform For Users To Connect With The Website Owner Or Organization. If You Have Any Issue Regarding This Post You Can Tell Us In Comments Or You Can Simply Contact Us Through Our Contact Us Page. Thanks For Reading.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Do I Need A Contact Us Page For My Website?

A Contact Us Page Is Super Important Because It Lets People Easily Get In Touch With You. It Makes Your Site More Friendly, Helps Build Trust, And Lets Visitors Know You’re Open To Communication.

What Info Should I Put On My Contact Us Page?

Put A Contact Form, Your Email Address, Phone Number, And Social Media Links. If You Have A Physical Location, You Might Want To Include Your Address Too.

Can I Use My Regular Email Address?

You Can, But Having An Email Address That Matches Your Website’s Domain (Like Looks More Professional And Is Better For Business.

Can I See If People Are Using My Contact Us Page?

Yes, You Can Use Tools To See How Many People Are Visiting Your Contact Us Page And What They’re Doing. This Helps You Understand If Your Page Is Working Well.

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